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Admission open for STD-2nd, 4th & 9th

Information about Foundation of Hill's high School

School Affiliated Information

School Name Hills High School
Address of the School 65/A, Opp. Nandanvan Apt.,

Off RCC Canal Road,

Vesu, Surat

School Code 13192
Affiliation Code 430228
Basic Information:
1 Name of the Principal Mr. P.P. Jose
2 Principal’s E-mail ID
3 Principal’s Retirement Date 01/04/2025
4 School’s Contact Number 9033095477,9033093477
5 School’s Fax Number 0261-6595477
6 School’s E-mail ID
7 School’s Website
8 Landmark Near School Opp. Nandanvan Apartment-1
9 Year of Establishment of the School 2010
10 Affiliation Validity 31/03/2022
11 Affiliation Status (Provisional/Regular) Provisional
12 Recognition Letter/NOC Issuing Authority Director of Primary Education, Govt. of Gujarat
13 Recognition Letter/NOC Issuing Date 28/12/2012
14 Upload Recognition Letter/No Objection Certificate (NOC)
Management Details:
15 Name of the Trust / Society / Company Registered with Hills Education Trust
16 Society’s Registration Number E/6908/Surat
17 Registration Date, Validity and Expiry Date 17/12/2009, Permanent
Sr.No Name Post held in SMC Occupation with Address Tenure
1 Mr. Hoshang  Eruchsha Hilluwala Chairman Hills’ Nursery, 180 – AB

Dehla Street, Rushtompura, Surat

Ph No. : 9227909477

3 Years
2 Mrs. Persis Shehraz Hilluwala Member-  Turstee Education Management

Hills’ High School, Vesu, Surat

Ph No. 9227949477

3 Years
3 Mr. S. Antonyraj Member– Educationist

CBSE Nominee (Proposed)


J H Ambani Saraswati Vidyamandir, Vesu Charrasta,  Surat

Ph No. 9558808904

3 years
4. Mr. D K Gupta CBSE Nominee (Proposed) Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1,

Principal Bunglow, K V No.1, Ichhanath, Surat.

Ph No. 0261-2255684

3 Years
5. Mr. G Raman  Sivakumar Member – Educationist Campus Director

Delhi Public School, Surat

R.s.No.781/3, Opp. Airport, Dumas Road, Surat

Ph No. 8980066699

3 years
6. Mr. A.U.Saiyed Member – Educationist Lawyer & Social Worker 106-107, Shabnam Park Soc. Adajan Patiya, Surat 3 Years
7. Hardikkumar Thakkar Member– Parent  Representative

Business A/803, Happy Residency, Vesu

Ph.No. – 9428001516

1 Years
8. Mrs. Brinal Shah
Member– Parent  Representative

Lawyer 901,Sagar Palace,Makanji Park ,Adajan,Surat

Ph.No. – 9974040127

1 Years
9 Mrs. Hemlata Jain Member– Teacher Representative

Teacher 903, Puja Kiran Apt., Nr.Rupali Naher,Bhatar Rd., Surat.


1 Years
10 Mrs. Gurpreatkaur Wadhwa Member– Teacher Representative Teacher,G-927, Star Galaxy, Vesu, Surat 1 Year
11 Mr. Naresh Goel
Member – Educationist Lawyer, Athugar street, Nanpura, Surat.9825296997 3 Year
12 Dr. Kavita Sharma Member – Educationist

Trainner, Launchpad,  105, Richmond Plaza, Above Dhiraj Sons, Vesu, Surat. 9925794132

3 Year
13 Mrs.Tanaz Turel Member – Educationist Gopipura, Surat

Ph. No. 9712922532

3 Year
14 Mr. Jose Pathrose Puthussery
Member–  Secretary Principal, Hills’ High School, Surat.

C – 1001, Akash Enclave, Althan – Bhimrad Road, Bhimrad, Surat
Ph. No. 9427549153

3 Years
19 Upload Non-Proprietary Character/Non-Profit Co. Affidavit
1 Geo-Tagged Photograph of School Building (Less than 2 MB)
2 Photographs of School Libraries (Less than 1 MB)
3 Photograph of School Playground (Less than 1 MB)
4 Photograph of School Laboratories (Science Lab.,
Physics Lab., Biology Lab., Chemistry Lab.) (Less than 1 MB each)
5 Video Clip of School (Less than 2 MB)
1 Total Number of Teachers (All Classes) 83 + 1 (Principal)
2 Number of PGTs 9
3 Number of TGTs 42
4 Number of PRTs 47
5 Number of PETs 2
6 Other Non-Teaching Staff 4
7 Number of Training Attended by Faculty since Last Year 14
8 Number of Teachers Attended Mandatory Training 1
1 Total Number of Sections per Class (From Classes 1 to 12) 6-Sections for Classes 1 ,2 & 6 , 7 section for classes 3 & 5, 8 section for class 4, 5 section for class 7, 3 section for class 8, 2 section for class 9 & 1 section for class 10th.
2 Total number of Students’ Intake Per Class (from Classes 1 to 12) Maximum 40 Students per Section
3 Total number of Students per Class (From Classes 1 to 12) Class 1 – 253, Class 2 – 253 , Class 3- 277 , Class 4 – 301, Class 5 -266 , Class 6 – 238 , Class 7-193 , Class 8 -99 , Class 9 -77 , Class -10 31.
1 Name and Subject Code of All Subjects Offered in the School for Class 10 English Com. (101), Hindi (085), Mathematics (041), Science (086) and Social Science (087), Sanskrit (122)
2 Name and Subject Code of All Subjects Offered in the School for Class 12 N.A.
Physical Infrastructure Details:
1 Number of Sites of School 1
2 Total Area of the School (in Sq. Meters) 8131
3 Number of Building Blocks of School 1
4 Number of Playgrounds in School 1
5 Total Area of Playground (in Sq. Meters) 5805
6 Total Number of Rooms 105
7 Total Number of Small-sized Rooms 5
8 Total Number of Medium-sized Rooms 90
9 Total Number of Large-sized Rooms 10
10 Number of Rest Rooms for Female Staff 2
11 Number of Rest Rooms for Male Staff 2
12 Number of Girls’ Toilets 45
13 Number of Boys’ Toilets 90
14 Number of Toilets for Differently-abled Persons 5
15 Total Number of Libraries 1
16 Total Number of Laboratories 6
17 Total Number of Lifts/Elevators 2
18 Total Number of Digital Class Rooms 6
19 Total Number of Computers (all Computer Labs. Combined) 100
20 Total Number of Student Canteens 0
21 Total Number of Staff Canteens 0
Facilities Available in School:
22 Number of Water Purifiers/RO Available in School 4
23 Does the School has Hostel Facility? (Yes/No) No
24 Does the School has a Gymnasium? (Yes/No) No
25 Does the School has a Swimming Pool? (Yes/No) No
26 Is the School Wi-Fi Enabled? (Yes/No) Yes
27 Does the School has a Web Server? (Yes/No) Yes
28 Does the School Compound has a Boundary Wall? Yes
29 Does the School Compound has a Strong Room? (Yes/No) No
30 Does the School Compound has Clinic Facility? (Yes/No) No
31 Does the School has Outdoor Sports Facility? (Yes/No) Yes
32 Does the School has Indoor Games Facility? (Yes/No) Yes
33 Does the School has Dance/Music Facility? (Yes/No) Yes
34 Does the School has Fire Extinguishers? (Yes/No) Yes
35 Does the School has Fire Alarms? (Yes/No) Yes
36 Does the School has Water Sprinklers? (Yes/No) Yes
37 Provision of Web-based Learning Programmes? (Yes/No) Yes
38 Does the School has CCTV Cameras installed in the areas of Security Concern within the School Premises? (Yes/No) Yes
39 Is the School Examination Center of CBSE? (Yes/No) No
40 Whether Sufficient Guards Employed for Safety? (Yes/No) Yes
41 Does the School has Ramps for the Differently-Abled? (Yes/No) Yes
42 Building Safety Certificate (to be uploaded in PDF Format with size less than 1 MB)
43 Upload Transport Safety Certificate if available (to be uploaded in PDF Format with size less than 1 MB) No Transport Facility provided by the School (Not Applicable)
Transport Facility Details:
44 Total Number of Buses Owned by the School Nil
45 Total Number of Buses Hired by the School Nil
46 Total Number of Vans/Mini Buses/Metadors 0
47 Number of Female Attendants for Bus Duty N.A.
48 Total Number of Drivers N.A.
49 Name of the Transport Coordinator N.A.
50 Contact Number of Transport Coordinator N.A.
Transport Facility Details:
1 Name of Nearest Nationalized Bank with Strong Room Facility Bank of Baroda
2 Distance from the Bank (in Kilometers) 1 kms.
3 Name of Nearest Bus Station Udhana Bus Depot
4 Distance From Bus Station (in Kilometers) 9.6 kms.
5 Name of Nearest Railway Station Udhana Junction
6 Distance From Railway Station (in Kilometers) 9.6 kms.
7 Name of Nearest Airport Surat International Airport
8 Distance from the Airport (in Kilometers) 6.7 kms.
9 Name of Nearest Hospital 1. Green Leaf Hospital
10 Distance from the Hospital 1 kms.
11 Name of Nearest Police Station Umra Police Station
12 Distance from the Police Station (in Kilometers) 5.4 kms.
13 Name of the Nearest Metro Station None
14 Distance from Metro Station (in Kilometers, if available)
1 Pass Percentage of Last Three Years (Class 10)
2013-14 (N.A.) 2014-15 (N.A.) 2015-16 (N.A.)
1 Pass Percentage of Last Three Years (Class 12)
2013-14 (N.A.) 2014-15 (N.A.) 2015-16 (N.A.)
3 Parent Teachers Association as per Norms (Yes/No) No
4 Availability of Wellness / Activity Teacher (Yes/No) Yes
5 Name of Grievance / Complaint Redressal Officer Mr. P.P. Jose
6 Contact Number of the Grievance / Complaint Redressal Officer 9427549153
7 E-mail ID of the Grievance / Complaint Redressal Officer
8 Name of Head of the Sexual Harassment Committee Mrs. Gurpreatkaur Wadhwa
9 Contact Number of the Head of the Sexual Harassment Committee  
10 E-mail ID of the Head of the Sexual Harassment Committee
11 Name of the Contact Person in Case of Emergency Mr. P.P. Jose
12 Contact Number of Person in Case of Emergency 9427549153
13 E-mail ID of the Person in Case of Emergency
14 Number of Doctors in School Clinic 0
15 Number of Nurses in School Clinic 0
16 Number of Beds in School Clinic 0
17 Involvement of School in CBSE Activities (Active/Neutral/Passive) Active
18 Does the School has EPF Facility for Staff? (Yes/No) Yes
19 Salary Paid to Staff Through (Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer) Bank Transfer
20 Name of the Bank with which the School has Salary Account Bank Of Baroda,
21 Academic Session of the School (Month Details) April to March
22 Vacation Period of the School (Month Details) May to June

Mid-Term Break: October or November

23 Upload Academic Calendar
24 Best Practices of the School Remedial Classes, Phonic classes, Reading Instructors, year planner with photos of best achievers. Teachers participate for CBSE workshops, Participation in all inter school fest. Fields trips / institution visits for experiential learning.
25 Whether Accounts are being Regularly Audited (Yes/No) Yes
26 Fee Structure of the School.
STD- 1- 10 Yearly Fees Rs 42,500 *
STD 11 & 12
COMMERCE Yearly Fees Rs 45,500*
SCIENCE Yearly Fees Rs 49,500*
27 Do the Teachers get Proper Grade like PGT/TGT as per the Classes they are Entitled to Teach? (Yes/No) Yes
28 Do the Teachers and Staff get their Salary within the First Week of the Month? (Yes/No) Yes
29 Name, Designation, Qualification, Experience and Pay Scales of Principal, and Teachers of Different Grades
30 Upload Audited Balance Sheet (Strictly for Reference only by CBSE)
31 Upload Income & Expenditure Statement (Strictly for Reference only by CBSE)

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