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Truly an inspiring Moment!!!!

The date 8th August 2013, has been marked as a land mark day in the history of Hills’ High School. It was an evening that has left a mark on each one of us…..
Dear Readers, Every achievement, every milestone crossed is only due to your support and love over the years. It is only through the blessings of our beloved students that such opportunities come our way.

We would as always like to share our experience of those memorable moments with you…. As we entered the room, we all wished Sir, with a strong “Vande Mataram “, to which he immediately stood up. He then asked each of our students their names and which standard they were from. He then spoke to each of the adults and then very patiently and precisely answered all our students’ questions….


“Sir, why are you called the Missile Man?”

Dr. Abdul Kalam

“Because I make lots of missiles”


“Sir, what do you enjoy more being a Scientist or The President?”

Dr. Abdul Kalam

“A teacher, a teacher, a teacher.”


“Sir, how do you develop a scientific mind?”

Dr. Abdul Kalam

“Ask questions, questions, questions till you get the answers”


“Sir, at my age how can I contribute to our Nation?”

Dr. Abdul Kalam

“By excelling in education.”


“Sir, if you wanted me to spread a message to my friends, what would that message be?”

Dr. Abdul Kalam

“Dream, dream, dream ….dreams turn into thoughts….thoughts turn to actions”


“Sir, what studies do I have to do to become the President of India?”

Dr. Abdul Kalam

“No studies, become a doctor, a scientist, anything ….but EXCEL in your field”

Despite many guests waiting to meet him, he signed autographs for us and very graciously saw the collage of school photos we were carrying with us. We would like to put in a special Thanks to all our creative little hands that put together some magnificent art work, which we presented to Dr. Kalam.

All the photographs will be put up on our website shortly and the autographed charts will be displayed in school for one and all to be inspired by.

Truly an inspiring Moment!!!!
Love always ….