Proudly introduces HUMANITIES STREAM and additional Subjects – Entrepreneurship & Painting
Admission open for STD-2nd, 4th & 9th

Diwali vacation assignment for class 7th



ENGLISH:- Read the summary of  supplementary book chapters- 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 and write   

                    down The answers of the ame chapters in English notebook.


HINDI:-        Write a biography of your faviourite cricketer and stick the pictures. Also write one Important event of his life in the notebook.


MATHS:-     Practice book page number 21 , 22 , 24 , 25 & 26

                   Make any object with paper or any material showing Rotational symmetry.


SCIENCE:-  Find five scientific terms from chapter- 4 , 6 , 11 each and write in science class notebook .

                   Draw and explain the working of the following organs:-

  1. a) Human Heart b) Human excretory system


SOCIAL STUDIES:- On the world physical map, marking the grassland which are found

in theTemperate and tropical areas.

                   (Hint – Use yellow colour for tropical and green colour for temperate zone)


SANSKRIT:-         Paste 2 pictures in the notebook  and write 5-5 sentences of the picture in Sanskrit.


GUJARATI:-         ગુજરાતના હાસ્ય કવિઓના ચિત્ર લગાવી તેનું પૂરું નામ , જન્મસ્થળ, તેની કવિતાઓના   નામ લખો.(કોઇ પણ પાંચ)

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