Proudly introduces HUMANITIES STREAM and additional Subjects – Entrepreneurship & Painting
Admission open for STD-2nd, 4th & 9th

Diwali vacation assignment for class 4th

Diwali Vacation Homework Std 4th


Maths          :                  Worksheet ( to be solved in notebook)

S.S    :                  Learn all the location of states and capitals using Atlas book

Science:               Page 112 Q1. In notebook.

English 1:             Write name of creatures u see around them and write 5

sentences on how they are important for us and our environment.

Hindi  :                  Write 8 to 10 lines on special features of ur city Surat.

English 2 :            Write a paragraph of 7 to 8 lines on “ Places you would like to visit

in India” in future tense.

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