Proudly introduces HUMANITIES STREAM and additional Subjects – Entrepreneurship & Painting
Admission open for STD-2nd, 4th & 9th

Diwali vacation assignment for class 5rd



ENGLISH:   Stick some pictures and small write up on your past, present  activities and your

future plannings.


MATHS-      Calculate the percentage of different types of colours you have: water, crayon , sketch and pencil colours.


HINDI-         Collect some newspaper and magazine cuttings on the topic ‘ hadtal’ and stick in the notebook.


S.S.-           Collect few information about any 4 reformers of India (other than the chapter ) and write in notebook or on the chart paper with their pictures.


SCIENCE-  Do any one activity-

     1) Formation of compost from household degradable waste ( wet waste )

    2) Statistical survey of 1 month usage of plastic bag of any 10 families.

    3) Model of air pressure car model

    4) Demo and significance of Artificial respiration.

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