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Admission open for STD-2nd, 4th & 9th

Diwali vacation assignment for class 3rd

Diwali vacation assignment for class 3rd


S.S                       Learn States and their capital.

Maths                             Learn tables 1 to 15 . Dodging test will be on 28/11/18

Science                Make a parachute Refer pg no-11

Eng-1 –                Do pg no- 46 of practice sheet.

Eng-2                   Write a diary entry on how you celebrated Diwali.

Hindi-                    बिना पटाखे जलाए आप दीपावली कैसे मनाएंगे अपने शब्दों में    

लिखे ।


Lib (English)-        Reading of 1-4 Chapters of English story book.

Lib (Hindi)-                     Reading of last 2 Chapters of Hindi Story book.


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