Your child's admission for class 1 at Hills’ High School is confirmed. The confirmation circular will be mailed to you by 28/12/2017. In case you do not receive the email please come to the office personally.                                                                                                      

Please note: Failure to submit the documents and fees by 2/01/2018, will automatically cancel the admission of your child.

Form No. Name Class
18/308 Aarush Lavesh Pahwa S-8
18/030 Mrigasya Minesh Patel A-16
18/292 Divya Chiragbhai Patel S-10
18/339 Yuval Akash Gupta H-8
18/120 Janvi Sushil Gandhi A-12
18/098 Mananya Prakash Kapuriya A-11
18/052 Era Dilkhush Shah E-16
18/041 Princy Malikbhai Kachhi A-11
18/008 Ishan Santosh Patil A-11
18/028 Nilisha Mukeshkumar Bhanshali A-11
18/019 Kanish Amit Jain E-12
18/411 Yug Naineshkumar Prajapati M-17
18/305 Hetvi Prahladkumar Prajapati S-9
18/432 Vrutti Urveshkumar Shah M-17
18/451 Harshvi Amit Jain M-14
18/381 Garvit Gautam Lalani S-10
18/488 Ridaay Mithun Parmar N-14
18/204 Devarsh Shaileshbhai Patel S-1
18/023 Khanak Vikas Jain E-16
18/365 Navya Shyamsunder Taneja H-1
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