Proudly introduces HUMANITIES STREAM and additional Subjects – Entrepreneurship & Painting
Admission open for STD-2nd, 4th & 9th


Objectives of functioning of Clubs in Hills’ High School
ECO CLUB aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives sensitize them about environmental degradation. The club encourages students to participate in community activities relating to environment.

Maths Club
The Mathematics Club provides students a chance to practice their math skill in a more relaxed environment.  They take immense delight in working with mathematical problems in groups in mathematics activity lab. They enjoy high speed mathematical calculations with Vedic Mathematics techniques in the club.

ICT Club
ICT provides opportunity to students to explore into the dynamic fields of technology.  The club prepares students in organizing and participating in technology related events and competitions. They learn to create wonders on the screen with the application of latest software.

Literary Club
Literary Club aims at developing flair for English language among the students. The club offers them opportunities to read and discuss stories, poems, News paper articles etc. Activities like elocution, creative writing, debating, poetry recitation, theatrics etc. are organized to sharpen their LSRW skills.

Science Club
Science Club aims to harness scientific temper, spirit of inquiry, research aptitude and thinking skills in students. They do different hands on activities to completely understand the concepts learnt in the class room.

Heritage Club
The Heritage Club aims at creating awareness among the pupils about our rich historic and cultural heritage. The club members are volunteers for sensitizing the community the need for preserving our cultural heritage.

Integrity Club
Integrity Club is designed as “Community Groups” for cultivating Human Values such as Integrity, Patriotism, Tolerance, Secularism, Simplicity, Honesty, Love, Compassion, Responsibility, Respect, Non – violence, Unity in the school students by means of organizing games, skits, street play etc.


Recent Activities